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Welcome to LifeWorks: Where Community Empowers Transformation

At LifeWorks, we’re more than just a church program – we’re a community dedicated to empowering lives and fostering transformation, which is why we officially launched as an established 501c3 registered nonprofit organization. LifeWorks functions as a separate organization but as a ministry hub of New Life Community Church. Through our various initiatives and community engagement efforts, we strive to create a supportive environment where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential. Join us as we come together to make a positive impact, one life at a time.

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Building Connections, Changing Lives

LifeWorks is more than just a name – it’s a promise of hope and opportunity. As a hub of community engagement, we’re committed to building connections that inspire change and uplift spirits. Whether through volunteering, participating in events, or simply being a part of our vibrant community, you’ll find that LifeWorks is where lives are changed and futures are shaped. Join us on this journey of transformation and discovery.

LifeWorks isn’t just about serving our community; it’s about transforming lives. Through our various community services like LifeCycle, LifeStyle, LifeStation, and LifeHouse, we are providing onramps for individuals to embark on a journey of development, healing, and hope. LifeCafe and The Marketplace are not just ventures; they’re platforms for skill development and dignified opportunities for those seeking a fresh start. Our mission is clear: to create pathways to hope, purpose, and life transformation for all.

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“At LifeWorks, we’re not just serving our community; we’re transforming lives. Through our outreach ministries like LifeCycle and LifeHouse, we provide pathways to hope and purpose. Our mission is clear: to empower and restore.”

Empower Through Assistance: How we Make a Difference

LifeStyle offers a help to those starting anew, providing essential furniture and household items to individuals transitioning from homelessness to a home. Through our partnership-based referral system and generous community donations, we work to restore dignity and empower individuals as they embark on their journey towards stability and independence.

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Life Station is more than just a recovery program; it’s a journey toward healing and wholeness. With a focus on sobriety and addressing the roots of addiction, we provide a safe space for individuals to share, be supported, and challenge themselves to embrace change. Join us every Thursday at New Life Community, in the Great Room, from 7-8 pm , except for the first week of the month when we gather for a meal at 6:30 pm, as we take next-level steps towards recovery together.

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LifeHouse, acquired in 2016 after over a decade of prayer, offers, what we call transformational housing for individuals and families moving from homelessness into independent living. The LifeHouse experience incorporates a partnership with area agencies and organizations working together to help resource families/individuals build healthy foundations for success and healing. We have three residential units, but also partner with local landlords.

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Our community may have a small town feel, but it is still fairly spread out, with many of the warehouse employment opportunities set outside of town. Without a city transit system, we have found there is a gap in safe and affordable transportation.The LifeCycle Team works to help individuals with our earn-a-bike program, while also offering unique opportunities to develop vocational training for individuals and prepare them for gainful employment through training and experience in business, relationships, and bicycle repairs.

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LifeCafe is a new addition to LifeWorks, offering a dignified opportunity to learn practical job skills in an environment that fosters human flourishing and relational acuity. Through serving coffee and in-house catering community is built as individuals serve alongside one another and offer hospitality to everyone entering New Life Community.

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LifeWorks Marketplace: Coming soon to empower individuals with opportunities for economic self-sufficiency and community engagement.

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Empower Change, One Contribution at a Time

Choose from a variety of giving options to support and engage with our mission of transformation and community development.

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Have questions or want to get involved? Reach out to us today! You can visit us at New Life Community Church, located at 64 E. North St, Carlisle, during our office hours from Tuesday to Friday 9 am – 3 pm.

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